When we see a new client with a tax debt problem, we usually have several solutions that range from least to most severe. Asset protection, and company liquidation or personal bankruptcy sits at the most severe end of the spectrum. We think it is important to be informed, and as prepared as possible, for the worst case scenario.

What is Asset Protection?

Asset Protection is the process of legally arranging your affairs to minimise the exposure of your assets to creditors. It is your last line of defence when dealing with a tax debt.

Asset Protection strategies can vary greatly depending on your circumstances, but in general the old adage “prevention is better than the cure” is very relevant. If you are properly structured before incurring the debt, you have the highest level of protection. The later you implement Asset Protection strategies the less effective they are.

How Can We Help?

Get in touch and explain your circumstances and one of our expert advisers will do a free, confidential assessment of your situation. If they think we can help, we will give you a fixed price quote. Whether it be a restructure of your company or suggestions regarding personal assets, you can be assured they will be time tested methods, thoroughly explained and completely legal.