Struggling to pay a
tax debt over $50,000?

Our experts can help you to assess the best solution for you personally, or your company.

Whether it be a payment arrangement, restructuring for your business or a debt agreement for you personally, Tax Debt Solutions offers a full range of options to solve your tax problem.

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    The ATO wants to help

    if you can’t pay your tax debt

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    Here’s what the ATO says about helping businesses with tax debt:

    The ATO’s focus is on assisting eligible businesses to access Small Business Restructuring or Simplified Liquidation where possible. Where we have been a creditor we have supported most Restructuring Plans.

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    Here’s what the ATO says about helping individuals with personal tax debt:

    We are here to support you. If you contact us for help, you can expect that you will be looked after fairly, we will help you get certainty on your tax position, we will listen to your situation and offer you support tailored to you.

    Our Solutions

    for tax debts you are struggling to pay


    Finding the right solution is a complicated area and it is not a one-size-fits-all situation. You need experienced restructuring professionals who know the solution and can act on your behalf.

    Solutions for Company tax debts

    Solutions for Personal tax debts

    If you’re not sure if it is a company or personal tax debt, check the Notice or letter from the ATO. If it’s addressed to a company (e.g. ABC Pty Limited), it’s a company tax debt. If it’s addressed to just your name then it’s a personal tax debt.

    ATO Payment Plans (for companies and individuals)

    A Payment Plan, or Arrangement, is an agreement the ATO and a taxpayer agree to that allows the tax payer to “pay-in-full” a tax debt over a period usually capped at 2 years.

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    Includes Debt Forgiveness

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    Small Business Restructuring

    SBR allows a small business to propose a Plan to its creditors to restructure its debts while the directors remain in control of the business. SBR has become the “go-to” solution for many small companies. The ATO has voted in favour of over 90% of “Plans” proposed to it.

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    Debt Agreement
    A debt agreement is a legal agreement between you and your creditors, which can include the ATO. You negotiate to pay a percentage of your total debts that you can afford over a period of time. After you complete the payments and the agreement ends, your creditors can’t recover the rest of the money you owe.
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    Voluntary Administration
    Voluntary Administration can be an excellent solution for a company in financial difficulty. VA provides a company with a one month breathing space to negotiate with creditors including the ATO to arrive at an agreement to save a business.
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    Personal Insolvency Agreement
    A PIA is a legally binding agreement between you and your creditors. A PIA can be a flexible way to come to an arrangement to settle debts without becoming bankrupt. It involves a trustee taking control of your property and making an offer to your creditors.
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    Simplified Liquidation

    Sometimes it is best to liquidate a company and move on. Simplified Liquidation is a streamlined version of the current more comprehensive Creditors Voluntary Liquidation process. It is the winding-up of a company when it has creditors of less than $1 Million it cannot pay.

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    Bankruptcy is a legal process available to individuals where you declare you are unable to pay your debts. It can release you from most debts, provide relief and allow you to make a fresh start.


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    Stories from our customers


    I hadn’t done tax returns for 3 years and when I did I got hit with penalties and interest of $14,600. TDS applied and I had it remitted in full!


    From January to May, I fell way behind on my BAS debt. TDS got me a payment arrangement to pay $50,000 over the next six months. It saved my business!


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